Welcome to Kathyb's site
Welcome to
Kathyb's site

Welcome to my website. Most of your questions can be answered here! All others can be answered by emailing or calling me personally.

I am your friendly, neighborhood Tupperware Lady! Invite a few friends and family over for a fun demo with lots of food, fun and info on some terrific products.

Host a fundraiser from our special fundraiser catalog  and earn 40% of all you sell or use our full-line catalog for a 15% profit! 

Sign up for our online gift registry.

Host an online party! You won't even have to clean your bathroom!

Even better- join me in your own business! You can start the opportunity of a lifetime for just $119.99! We have free training and great incentives! You can work as little or as much as you want. It's a fabulous opportunity!

Contact me for the best time of your life!

Kathy Bommer
856 783 6775

Oh, yeah, I can replace that cracked, chipped, broken, peeling TW you bought a long time ago!