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Welcome to
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Make yourself at home! Use the links on the top to locate the newest Tupperware® products and discover the incredible possibilities of a career with Tupperware. You'll also learn how to Host or attend one of my "Taste of Tupperware" parties, a feast for all your senses. Feel free to contact me with any comments or questions. Thanks for visiting!


If you would like me to keep you posted on my different promotions please send me your email address to Marystrand@comcast.net.

If you are interested in earning LOTS OF FREE TUPPERWARE, where all you have to do is make a beverage, give me a call. All of my Hostesses receive free gifts, you also will receive my Tips & Tricks for Fast, Easy and Tasty Meals 68 page cookbook FREE, I bring and make the dessert, and I send out the invitations. You just sit back and relax and get FREE TUPPERWARE! If you are interested in hosting a Tupperware Party with me call 763-428-4076 or email me at Marystrand@comcast.net.