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Welcome to
Sandy Pickett's site

Welcome to Tupperware!       

Summer is just about here!  More 'classic' favorites are back this month, including our most requested bowls--Servaliers--in all sizes, and in funtastic spring and summer colors!  

Also, classic Pitchers, Tumblers, Plates and Dining Trays!

AND, our ever-popular 'cake baker'--Stack Cooker Starter Set--is 30% off!  You can make our delicious 10-minutes cakes, or Monkey Bread in 6 minutes!

3 Host Specials--Heat-n-Serve Microwave Set, Mandoline Set, or as always, our Tupperware FREE Shopping Spree!  So, let's get a few of your friends together at your home, office, or Panera, for a quick preview of all these awesome sale offers, and you get your Tupperware for FREE!  Most fun party this year--Pajama Party!  Everyone comes very casually in their pj's, and we make breakfast foods in Tupperware, like the monkey bread!

You can still join our Tupperware 'Company of Friends' for only $30!  Hold just 2 average parties (earning over $200 for 6-7 hours) in your 1st 60 days, and Tupperware pays the balance of your kit, valued at $375!  AND,  when you join by April 25th, you can also purchase our Vent-n-Serve Small Round Set (retail--$44) for only $8--just to give it a try!  Just show your friends, family and co-workers how to save time and money by using Tupperware, with our lifetime warranty, and also save the environment!

Could you, or someone you know, use an extra $1,000/mo., to pay off a credit card, or use for mortgage or car payment, or for college expenses, or to save for summer vacation?!  Or, if you're looking for a Leadership position, you too can 'party for a living', just like me, and drive a FREE company car, w/car pymt., insurance, tax, tag & tires paid by Tupperware!  Call me for more details--407-896-0814. 

If you belong to a Club or Organization that needs to raise money, Tupperware has a fantastic Fund Raiser Program.  Your Organization will earn 40% commission on our very popular, convenient, exclusive, and eco-friendly products.  It's even available to set it up online now, so your friends and family all over the country are able to support your Fund Raiser by ordering online.  Our new Fund Raiser brochure has begun!

Please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions. Thanks for visiting my site, and have a very blessed day!



Let's Party!

Sandy Pickett

Tupper Angels Director 407-896-0814  


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