Welcome to Susan Stephen's site
Welcome to
Susan Stephen's site

Go Green & come h.o.m.e. to Tupperware!

H - Health
- Organization
- Money 
(Saving & Making it!)
 E - Environment

Tupperware has been promoting healthy eating & healthy food storage, total organization for your home, saving and/or making money, being evironmentally conscious ~ while helping us to be the same... for over 60 years!

Have you ever imagined a business that will fit in and around your life?  A business to be proud of?  A business that will Fit to your calendar, fit your bills, fit your dreams and fit your family?

Imagine life on your terms!
Flexibility ... Family ... Friends ... Fun ... Financial Freedom ...

Discover more about how Tupperware's business opportunity can help you achieve any or all of those dreams. View our presentation, "Imagine ... Life on your terms", by selecting a language preference below.

Imagine ... Life on your terms!
Imagínate ... ¡La vida como TU quieres!

Tupperware ALWAYS celebrates every day by giving YOU gifts for opening the Tupperware Store just by hosting!! Never hosted before - or it has been a long time? You just need to DO IT! You and your friends will love it!

Make yourself at home, and please enjoy your visit by using the links to the right/left and top (click on the words) to locate the newest Tupperware products, super sales specials just for YOU and discover the incredible possibilities of a career with Tupperware!  

This is such an exciting time in Tupperware!  We have experienced growth for 11 consecutive quarters and are continuing to do so!  You will love being a part of it by - purchasing the amazing products - hosting a party - or joining the company!
I would like you to think about this:  What if I told you that for just 16-20 hours of your time in a month, yes, that is 30 days, that you can make over $1,100.00 income for you and your family?  That is about 4-6 hours A WEEK! How does that sound to you?
It is truly an opportunity that I would love to talk to you and everyone about!  We now are able to have people join our teams from all over the country with our new national business plan!

We welcome you to our amazing organization - in any way that suits YOU!  Maybe it is the great wholesale discount; making some new friends; maybe some extra "fun" money; maybe something part-time, on your terms... or even a new career goal... it's all good in Tuppeware!

There are fabulous starter kit options to begin your business today... along with a very lucrative program JUST for our newest team members - You can have and begin using a web site like this one... TODAYIt can all start with a phone call or an email! 

 We have the HUGE opportunity of our Executive Business Kit that is valued at OVER $515.00 in product and business supplies for only $119.99!  There is also an optional Busienss kit, valued at over $350.00 for only $79.99... they're both a great start!  This is too awesome to NOT try it!!

Want to find out how to become a consultant or just have questions?  I am a phone call or email away!

Susan Stephen